The Country’s Historic Buildings Trust Smartrise

Throughout the nation, buildings that hold a significant cultural or historical legacy are updating their elevators to fit in with modern times. Here’s just a few landmarks that have used Smartrise controllers to seamlessly modernize their elevators while maintaining their stately aesthetic.  

The United States Mint in Philadelphia recently completed a renovation of two of its elevators using Smartrise components. The first ever mint established in the United States, the Philadelphia Mint regularly produces over a billion coins a month. The renovations include a 20,000 lbs. capacity elevator with two Sprecher And Schuh soft starters as well as battery lowering. 

Smartrise Engineering and Delaware Elevator, Inc. have recently completed a renovation of two geared traction elevators with a battery lowering device at The Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. the oldest shore establishment for the United States Navy. Established in 1799, the Washington Navy Yard is now primarily used as the administrative center for the US Navy as well as the home of the National Museum of the United States Navy. 

A few miles east of Syracuse, Canastota, New York is most well known for being home to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. However, in the heart of downtown lies the over 100-year-old Canastota Public Library, which now has a renovated elevator thanks to Smartrise. This hydro elevator with front and rear openings and battery lowering will help the men and women of Canastota learn more about the sweet science and so much more. 

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