Smartrise Providing the Best Elevator Controllers Across the Board

Throughout North America, Smartrise elevator controllers can be found in a variety of industries. No matter the business, Smartrise customers rely on the stability of our technology and industry-leading customer service.

Via Bloor

The Via Bloor towers in Toronto are powered by eight of our C4 elevator controllers and one SRH hydraulic. Standing 49 and 42 stories tall, these towers are a beautiful addition to the city’s skyline. We’re so proud to provide the speed, safety, and reliability of Smartrise elevator controller tech to these buildings.

15141 Whittier Blvd

The 5-story medical office in the neighborhood of Friendly Hills in Whittier, California is home to the Center for Outpatient Surgery, Quest Diagnostics and many more. It’s also home to two Smartrise C4 traction controllers! Medical facilities across the U.S. trust Smartrise technology to get patients and healthcare workers where they need to be when it matters most.

Colegio Santa Cruz

Countless educational facilities depend on Smartrise controllers every day for their elevator needs. At Colegio Santa Cruz in Puerto Rico, students rely on a Smartrise hydraulic controller for safe, stable transportation. Smartrise is proud to be part of the school’s legacy of more than 70 years.

in.DE Condos

The new in.DE Condos recently wrapped up construction in Toronto’s Garden District and are powered by Smartrise’s C4 controllers! When choosing the best for their future residents, in.DE knew Smartrise was the best option. This new 21-story development will be powered by three of our C4 traction elevator controllers. Additionally, the building happens to be right across the street from another one of Smartrise’s proudest projects, The Grid Condos.

Across the board, our state-of-the-art technology is providing dependable transportation to our customers. From offices to condos to schools, Smartrise is dedicated to getting people where they need to be.

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