Smartrise Nominated for Best Supplier: Controllers Ellies Award for 2nd Year in a Row

For the 2nd year in a row, Smartrise has once again been nominated in the Best Supplier: Controllers category for this year’s Ellies Awards, presented by Elevator World. As the reigning champions of this category, Smartrise is proud to be able to defend our title and prove once again that Smartrise truly is the elite elevator controller manufacturer.

Introduced in 2018, the Ellies awards were created to celebrate companies in the elevator industry that go above and beyond for their customers, employees, communities, and the industry as a whole. Nominations are submitted by customers, employees, or other industry professionals. This is the second year of Best Supplier: Controllers category, with Smartrise winning the inaugural prize.

While it is always an honored to be recognized as one of the top in your field, it is no surprise that Smartrise has once again been nominated for an Ellie. Ever since its foundation, Smartrise has proven itself to be an innovator in the elevator industry, with its open market technology becoming a part of buildings all across North America. With the success of its next generation C4 controller, industry best customer and technical support, and variety of training options to help teach Smartrise customers the latest features of their controllers, it is easy to see why elevator professionals trust Smartrise.

Voting for this year’s Ellies Awards starts on August 3rd and runs through August 17th. You can go to to vote for Smartrise for Best Supplier of Controllers, as well as many other categories spanning the entire elevator industry. To learn more about Smartrise and why it has earned the nomination for the second year in a row, head to today or email our sales staff at

About Smartrise: Founded by industry veterans with extensive expertise, Smartrise has become one of the pillars of the industry. Its reliability is supported by an innovative yet remarkably simple architecture, eliminating many potential issues. Its standardized design principles offer the industry’s only true “open market” solution for virtually any new construction or retrofit. Smartrise’s promise of quality is backed by a deep commitment to customer support with after-hours assistance always available