Smartview 2.0 Monitoring

Our SmartView 2.0 Monitoring system allows you to monitor data on the overall health of your elevator system 24-hours, 7 days a week via your computer, smartphone or tablet. Our robust system sends alerts when needed to those that can quickly take care of issues; minimizing downtime and improving customer satisfaction. The SmartView 2.0 Monitoring was developed to provide Building Owners, Property Managers, and Service Contractors with an easy-to-use tool to track multiple cars across multiple geographically-dispersed jobs from any web-connected device. SmartView 2.0 delivers the ability to run real-time or historical, graphically-displayed reports, send hall calls and car calls.


  • Local and remote viewing and control
  • Lobby display
  • Real-time status
  • Alerts
  • Customized security control
  • Fault analysis & troubleshooting
  • Map View
  • Multiple jobs on one screen
  • View current floor and next destination
  • Car and Hall call registrations

Sign up today for SmartView 2.0 Monitoring. Start monitoring your job activity outside of the machine room by calling 916-457-5129 and press 1 for Support. Ask for SmartView Subscription Payment. Your subscription will be $60/year per car. We take Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

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