C4 Controller

The next generation of elevator controllers, Smartrise's C4 Traction Controller is the pinnacle of what an open--market controller can be. Designed to learn and adapt to any situation, C4 is perfect for high-speed high-rise projects. C4 can reach speeds up to 2000 FPM and uses fewer than 10 wires in the traveler cable for a simple installation.

Technical Specifications

With its simple design and advanced engineering, our C4 controller pushed beyond past convetional non-proprietary controllers with supercharged performance designed of speeds up to 2000FPM. Innovative capabilities allow mechanics to share parameters within groups, streaming inspection testing, and granting easy access to construction mode.

Application: Supports Geared, gearless, overhead, basement, and machine room-less

Feedback: Distance and velocity
Dispatch: Up to 8 car group
Max Openings: 128
Max Speed: 2000 FPM
Cabinet: NEMA 1
Power Regeneration: Dynamic braking resistors for emergency stopping, unfiltered retirn for generated power to the main line.

Optional Accessories 

  •  Local and Remote Monitioring
  • SmartConnect Pre-wired Inspection Box
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Load-Weighing Device
  • AC Motor
  • Emergency Rescue Device
  • Voice Annunciator
  • Traveler and Hatch Cables
  • Binary/Discrete PI
  • Serial Hall Call Security
  • Power back regenerative kit
  • Magnetek AC/DC Quattro Drive
  • Main Line Harmonic filter
  • Card Reader Access
  • Cabinet: NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 12
  • Air Conditioning Unit
  • XReg System
  • OSHPD Certified
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