Our SRA AC Traction Controller performs serial data exchange between the machine room, the top of the car, and the car panel. This simplifies the programming, cabling, and parts. An extensive communication and operator interface (LCD Display) is built into our standard controller.

Technical Specifications

Application: Geared, gearless, overhead, basement, and machine room-less
Feedback: Distance and velocity
Dispatch: Up to 8 car group
Max Floors: 96
Max Speed: 1400 FPM
Dimensions: 39″H x 30″W x14″D
Cabinet: NEMA 1
Power Regeneration: Dynamic braking resistors

Optional Accessories

  • SmartView 2.0 Monitoring
  • SmartConnect pre-wired inspection box
  • Isolation transformer
  • Load-weighting device
  • AC motors
  • Emergency rescue device
  • Voice annunciator
  • Traveler cable and hatch cables
  • Power back regenerative kit
  • Harmonic filter
  • Card reader access
  • Cabinet: NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 12
  • OSHPD certified
  • Air conditioning unit


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