Apartments to Power Plants to Government Buildings, Smartrise’s C4 Controller Stands Tall

Smartrise’s C4 controller has been installed in all types of buildings, from apartment complexes to power plants to government buildings all across North America. Let’s take a look and see where the two-time Ellies winner for Best Supplier: Controllers, Smartrise Engineering, has added their C4 controller.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, and it’s always a smooth elevator ride at the office building at 1626 Locust with Smartrise. This six-story complex sits just blocks from City Hall, and recently updated their elevators with Smartrise controllers. This coworking space in the middle of the City of Brotherly Love will now be able to trust the proven performance and reliability of Smartrise.

On the docks of the main channel and with views of the harbor, the Lewis Wharf apartment complex is one of the most desired places to call home in Boston. With that kind of reputation, it no wonder why when they renovated their elevators, the call went straight to Smartrise and our C4 controller. The six-story complex can now rely on Smartrise’s industry leading customer service and technical service team for years to come.

People all across the state of Oklahoma rely on OG&E’s power plant on the outskirts of Oklahoma City to provide them electricity. OG&E now relies on Smartrise’s C4 controller to keep their plant up and running. With nine openings and a NEMA 4 enclosure, this C4 will help OG&E light up buildings and streets across the Midwest.

Right behind the state capitol building in Little Rock, Arkansas sits a less grand yet equally important office. Known as 2 Capitol Mall, this 6-story building is home to the Division of Workforce Services, which helps accelerate economic growth and individual prosperity in the state of Arkansas. Inside the elevators of this building live Smartrise’s C4 controller. Smartrise takes pride in being able to help these civil servants assist the citizens of Arkansas.

If you are interested in having a Smartrise controller be a part of your next elevator project, email our sales team at for more information or to start a quote.

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