Any Building, Anywhere in North America, Smartrise and C4 is the Answer for Elevator Controllers

Smartrise’s C4 is the elevator controller answer for buildings all across North America. With the ability to reach speeds up to 2000 fpm, handle up to 128 openings, and offering great features like Destination Dispatch, it’s no wonder why Smartrise’s C4 controllers are installed in the buildings below.

We start with the story of the Big Blue Building in Wichita Falls, Texas. This 12-story office building was originally built in 1920’s and has now updated its elevators with Smartrise’s C4 controller! This Wichita Falls landmark with its unique paint job stands out in the middle of downtown, and the various small businesses that call the Big Blue Building home now have the proven performance and reliability of Smartrise and C4.

Moving to the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, the office building at 114 West 26th Street is in the heart of the city that never sleeps, and in the heart of its elevators lives a Smartrise C4 controller. This 12-story building was originally built in 1911 and is blocks away from the Empire State Building. Needing an elevator controller they can trust, the building at 114 West 26th Street can rely on Smartrise and C4 for years to come.

Illinois Tech, a research university located in the south side of Chicago, is updating their elevator at Cunningham Hall using Smartrise’s C4 controller. The 11-story residence hall was originally built in the 1950’s, and now will have Smartrise’s C4 guiding its overhead geared elevators. Some of the brightest minds of the Midwest are traversing the halls of Cunningham Hall, and Smartrise is proud that Illinois Tech has put their trust in Smartrise and C4 to give these students the quality elevator rides they deserve.

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