Smartrise elevator controllers are designed for
performance and safety.

Founded in 2004, Smartrise Engineering was brought to life by leaders of the elevator industry who wanted to change the way business was done.

Smartrise developed an innovative elevator controller system that finally gave customers an open-market choice in the elevator industry. Using our universal printed circuit boards in every controller we ship, Smartrise provides a consistent, easy to install product no matter the project, from hydro to traction, geared or gearless.

In addition to our products, Smartrise prioritizes having a customer service and technical support staff that is second to none. Take a look below to see the benefits of using Smartrise controllers for your next job.

Mechanics require no special tools – simplifying installation, adjustments and troubleshooting

Available after hour tech support at no cost – providing service when you need it the most 

Small carbon footprint – designed with small enclosures and few printed circuit boards

Compatible with most elevator machines, motors, pump units, door operators, fixtures, security systems and more

Drives and soft starters are “Open Market”—you can purchase spare parts from us or other vendors

Minimal traveler cable requirements – saving on material and installation time

Smartrise regional yearly training options – keeping mechanics up to date

Monitoring – cost-effective, powerful, remote management system including customizable alerts, maintenance updates, and online access via the Smartrise app

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