Product Requirements

General Requirements

  • Fixtures: 24VDC/6 Watts (or less)
  • Minimum Traveler cables: 13 (18 AWG), 2 Shielded Pair, 3 (14 AWG) — May change depending on features and specifications.
  • Hoistway cables Hydraulic: 14
  • Hoistway cables Traction: 14
  • Mechanical Final Limit switches Traction: 2
  • Mechanical Final Limit switches Hydraulic: 0 (Unless required by local code)

Specific To Traction:

  • If Governor Encoder landing system is used, 12mm live shaft is required

  • Geared AC motors require a shaft mounted 1024ppr incremental encoder for motor

  • Gearless DC motors require a shaft mounted 10,000ppr encoder for motor

  • Gearless AC PM motors require a 2048ppr EnDat encoder for motor

  • 40%-50% counterweight required

  • If ordering a motor, Traction Automatic Rescue, Quattro, or Isolation Transformer from Smartrise please allow for additional lead times

  • Encoder cable length supplied is 30 feet standard if you require longer there may be additional charges

  • DV/DT for motor may be recommended

Specific To Hydro:

  • Valve Coil voltage must be 110vac, 115vac, or 120vac

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