The C4 Traction Controller is the state-of-the-art high-speed/high-rise controller you have been looking for. All serial communication, fewer than 10 wires in the traveler cable, and built to learn and adapt.

Technical Specifications

Application: AC/DC Geared, gearless, overhead, basement, and machine room-less
Feedback: Distance and velocity
Dispatch: Up to 15 car group
Landings: 96
Speed: 2000 FPM

Cabinet: NEMA 1
Power Regeneration: Dynamic braking resistors, regenerative drives, Magnetek Quattro with unity power factor

Optional Accessories

  •  Monitoring
  • SmartConnect pre-wired inspection box
  • Isolation transformer
  • Load-weighing device
  • AC motors
  • Emergency rescue device
  • Voice annunciator
  • Custom-labeled Traveler cable
    and hatch cables
  • Binary/Discrete PI
  • Serial Hall Call Security
  • Power back regenerative kit
  • Magnetek AC/DC Quattro Drive
  • Main Line Harmonic filter
  • Card reader access
  • Cabinet: NEMA 4, 4X, 7, 12
  • Air conditioning unit
  • XReg System

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