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The Company
Smartrise was founded by three veteran engineers from the elevator control industry. They believed that even the most advanced elevator controllers on the market were much more complicated than they needed to be. By utilizing the latest technology and design practices, they were convinced a simpler, more reliable, and more capable elevator controller could be created.


Smartrise Controls can be found in almost any city in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, South and Central Americas. Once you try a Smartrise controller, you'll never want to go back to anything else.


We Are Different—here to outperform with simplicity.

  • Smallest cable raceways.
  • Least amount of printed circuit boards.
  • Least amount of travelling cable 8-15.
  • Least amount of hoistway cabling 12-18.
  • Lightest and slimmest panels.
  • On board full diagnostic and adjustment capabilities on three locations,machine room, top of car, and car panel.
  • Least amount of spare parts.
  • All parts are available through a third party vendor.
  • Distance and velocity feedback for all tractions and hydraulic.
  • Perform car adjustments from inside the car.


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